Eight Piper Archers for ATP Flight School

ATP flight school Piper Archer

ATP Flight School has just taken delivery of eight Piper Archer TX single-engine piston training aircraft. It’s the largest single Archer delivery to-date for ATP.

The aircraft are part of a deal between Piper and ATP announced last year for the purchase of up to 100 of the single-engine trainers with a retail value of $37 million.

“Piper Aircraft is proud of our continuous partnership with ATP Flight School,” said Simon Caldecott, Piper President and CEO.

“The well-rounded pilot training curriculum offered by ATP combined with advanced Piper training aircraft with the latest in Garmin avionics continues to strengthen ATP’s stellar reputation for providing well-trained pilots who are prepared for the demands of the aviation industry.”

All eight of the newly delivered aircraft – equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit –  will be in service at ATP’s Dallas locations. They will train future American Airlines pilots through the airline’s Envoy Air Cadet Programme.

Envoy Air is American’s largest regional carrier and the programme offers ATP students an accelerated path to a pilot career with a flow-through agreement and financial assistance.

“ATP has placed over 500 pilots with Envoy Air and has the most pilots enrolled in the Cadet Programme. Our students and instructors recognise ATP as the most efficient path to a pilot career at American Airlines,” said Justin Dennis, ATP President.

This recent delivery is one of many for 2019, with 22 additional Piper Archers scheduled for delivery to ATP through the end of the year.

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