Carol Vorderman encourages aspiring pilots to ‘celebrate their opportunities’ ahead of pilot careers event

How do you become a commercial pilot? With so many different training routes, financing options and career paths on offer, there is just one event to attend this spring.

The UK’s leading airlines, pilot training academies and aviation industry experts will be coming together to showcase the many options and opportunities available for those looking for a career in the sky at the Professional Flight Training Exhibition, which takes place on Saturday 25 April 2015 from 10am till 5pm at Sofitel Hotel, T5 London Heathrow.

TV Presenter Carol Vorderman knows how important it is to be aware of all the opportunities available and enter the career armed with as much information as possible. Carol is currently in the midst of preparations to fly solo around-the-world next year in her DA-42-VI, Mildred, named after British pioneer aviator Mildred Bruce.

Carol says, “I always wanted to be a pilot since I was very young. It was the reason I read Engineering at Cambridge. Ideally I would have joined the RAF but they wouldn’t accept female pilots back in the 1970s.

“Thankfully that has changed now. My second choice was to have joined British Airways after graduating, but sadly their training school wasn’t open at that time. So I was snookered. There was very little information at the time on the routes available to a career in aviation, particularly for women. Now, there are more opportunities for tomorrow’s potential female pilots. What a great life they have ahead of them.

“The opportunities open to young people today are very different to those that were open to me. We should celebrate that, and make sure that young people are entering their exciting career in aviation with as much up-to-date knowledge as possible. We need to give them the best start they can get.”

The one-day exhibition will provide attendees with all the vital information about training, qualifications and job prospects required to make informed decisions about a future career as a professional pilot. Exhibitors present will include leading airlines, such as British Airways and Flybe, pilot training academies from across the UK and Europe, The Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps, universities and many flight training experts.

The Professional Flight Training Exhibition will take place on Saturday 25 April 2015 from 10am till 5pm at Sofitel Hotel, T5 London Heathrow (TW6 2GD). Tickets can be bought in advance online, £8.50 for adult or £5 for juniors and students plus booking fees. For more information about the event, the exhibitors and the seminar programme, or to purchase tickets, visit