Cadet Profile: George Graulich

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The next pilot cadet in our new series of profiles, aimed at showing the wide variety of people who train to become pilots, is George Grauclich, who is nearing the end of his Integrated Flight Deck Programme at FTA, having completed his CPL IR in just 15 months.

How long have you wanted to become a pilot and why?
I was fascinated with flying from an early age so I have always wanted to become a pilot. As a child it was the sounds of aircraft, the holiday experience and the sheer amazement which drew me to want to become a pilot. Now that I’m older, I have those exact same feelings but see a career as a pilot as a rewarding and demanding lifelong career.

What type of training are you undertaking and towards which licence?
I took the integrated training route and I am working towards my frozen ATPL.

What stage of pilot training are you currently in?
I have just completed my instrument rating and I am now moving onto MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation).

How long did it take you to complete your CPL IR?
It took me around 15 months to complete.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far?
The CAA official flight exams are pretty daunting and are very challenging but my training equipped me very well and I’m very proud to say I passed both my CPL and IR flight tests first time.

What’s been your favourite part of training so far?
It’s hard to choose a specific part – night rating was great fun. Flying at night is a very surreal experience for the first time. Transitioning to the DA42 was also a highlight.

What’s the next step for you once you have your licence?
Apply to as many airlines as possible! The CV workshop arranged by FTA has helped me fine tune the application part of applying for jobs.

Your three words to describe a flying career?
Challenging, rewarding, enjoyable.

What words of advice would you pass on to any aspiring pilot hoping to follow the same route as you?
Do as much research as possible. Ask as many questions as possible and keep an open mind – find the place which will best suit you.

What did you love about your flying school?
I feel that being based in the UK for all my flight training has made me a more rounded pilot due to the complexities of the air space and busy radio frequencies. The aircraft are great and transitioning from the DA40 to the DA42 is not too bad due to their similar flight deck construction. The instructors at FTA are great and will always make time to improve your skills and understanding.