‘Blended remote learning’ works for Brighton’s FTA Global

FTA Global online learningBrighton-based FTA Global introduced measures during the first lockdown of 2020 to enable it to continue training professional pilots. Managing Director Sean Jacobs said:

“Before the first Lockdown, in March 2020, FTA-Global had already designed and trialled a blended remote learning package.  FTA went on to use this approach for the last nine months of 2020, rewarded both by excellent feedback from our students and stellar results for the ATPL exams sat through this period.

“Although we were expecting to bring our ground school students back into the classroom from this month, it has been straightforward to revert to our remote learning set-up, although our students look forward to sitting in a classroom again, as soon as they are able.

“To get back into the air again in 2020, FTA developed and agreed with the CAA a set of COVID-19 risk reduction processes and procedures, which we have been working closely to since May 2020.

“We are delighted that the DoT and CAA have agreed that professional pilots can continue to train and we are confident that our ways of working are keeping everyone as safe as possible, despite the threat posed by the Coronavirus.”

FTA Global