Balearic Helicopters offers Commercial Pilot’s Licence and Flight Instructor Courses

Balearic Helicopters has recently received a full EASA Approved Training Organisation Certificate, expanding its course offerings to include Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training and Flight Instructor Courses.

With 24 years of industry experience, the company is now equipped to provide comprehensive training for aspiring helicopter pilots. The new Commercial Pilots Licence – CPL (H) course enables pilots to upgrade their Private Pilot’s Licences (PPL) to a full CPL, allowing them to work professionally as helicopter pilots. The 35-hour flight training program leverages the company’s extensive network to connect graduates with potential employers.

In addition, Balearic Helicopters now offers a Flight Instructor Course – FI(H), which consists of 125 hours of ground school and 30 hours of flight training. This course is particularly valuable for pilots looking to accumulate flight hours and experience while working as an instructor, as many operators require significant flight hours for employment.

For pilots holding non-European CPLs, Balearic Helicopters also provides an ICAO-EASA CPL (H) Conversion course, allowing them to work in Europe by obtaining an EASA CPL (H).

The company has also introduced its Balearic Helicopters Career Programme, designed to take individuals with no helicopter experience and turn them into fully qualified Commercial Helicopter Pilots and Flight Instructors in as little as 18 months. Graduates of the program may have the opportunity to continue their careers with Balearic Helicopters.

For more information on these courses, contact Balearic Helicopters at +34 971 794 132 or [email protected].