ATPL On Track launches online community to help exam students

Studying for the ATPL exams is tough. There’s a lot to learn, understand and remember – and you’ve got to get a decent grade in the actual exam. Pressure! ATPL On Track has launched phase 1 of its online community based around its EASA question bank, with several elements to help get you over the line.

They are:

  • OnTrack Cockpit – a central navigation hub.
  • OnTrack Mentoring – intelligently reviews your progress and provides tailored questions to ensure efficient and effective learning and development.
  • OnTrack Notes – with a peer-mentoring approach, the OnTrack Notes community recognises the wealth of talent that student pilots bring, and allows you to contribute and benefit from the wisdom of other aspiring commercial pilots.
  • OnTrack Responder – ATPL ON Track’s team of experts will support you on your journey.
  • OnTrack Educator – thorough explanations of all available answers ina  methodical step-by-step approach.
  • Current Learning Objectives attached to every question. Stand back and see the whole subject at a glance, plan your study and contextualise your approach.

Coming soon is ATPL OnTrack Phase 2 with further explanations, learning materials, video presentations, study skills packages and careers advice. Phase 2 will also include OnTrack Assessor, a fully integrated package of customisable end-of-lesson Topic Tests, periodical Progress Tests and pre-finals Mock Examinations, designed to facilitate ATOs in supporting and monitoring student progress.

ATPL Factoids (compiled by ATPL ON Track)

  • The ATPLs comprise 14 x exams (reducing to 13 x exams in the near future).
  • All exams are to be passed within 18 months, starting from the last day of the month during which you attempted your first exam.
  • The minimum pass mark for each exam is 75%. 74.9% = ‘Fail’.
  • All exams are to be passed in 6 sittings; during each sitting you can take as many exams as you wish.
  • A sitting is a period of 10 consecutive (not working) days, starting on, and including, the first day you took an exam in any particular sitting, e.g. First exam on 10th January – sitting concludes on 19th January.
  • You are not permitted to re-sit failed exams within the same sitting.
  • Each subject may be attempted a maximum of 4 times.
  • Different subjects have different length exams, both in the number of questions and the duration of the exam.
  • All exams must be taken with the same national aviation authority.
  • You must be registered with, and authorised by, an approved training organisation (ATO) to sit exams.

ATPL On Track