Air League announces 2016 flying scholarships


The Air League has announced its latest flying scholarships, designed to offer young people a start in a flying career.

The Air League ‘Fly2Solo’ scholarship offers 12 hours of Powered Flight training towards the award of an NPPL. The intention of this award is to enable a person to go solo and enjoy the responsibility and achievement of solo flight. Scholars are encouraged to undertake their training as a residential course over the course of week to ensure consistency in their learning and to allow training as a small group with other scholars so that ideas and a fun, open learning environment can develop.

The Air League ‘Fly to Solo’ Scholarship is now open for online applications, and will end on Friday 29th January 2016. For eligibility criteria and more information, please click here.

Other scholarships include Solo Gliding scholarships and advance pilot training for PPL (Private Pilots Licence) holders. For more, visit The Air League website.