AFTA scores 100% with new pilots for Ryanair

AFTA Ryanair pilots

Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) recently scored a full house with 100% of its Ryanair mentored pilots now placed with the pan-European airline.

“We are very pleased to announce that 100% of our Ryanair mentored cadets were successful at their recent assessment day in Ryanair,” said Captain Mark J Casey, AFTA CEO and Head of Training.

Atlantic Flight Training Academy is a training partner of Ryanair. Since joining forces with Ryanair in September 2018, AFTA’s mission has been to ensure Europe’s largest airline group continues to attract highly trained professional pilots.

Applicants can join this mentored programme at ab initio level with zero or little flying experience and through three other gateways for more experienced pilots.

“At AFTA we guarantee all Ryanair mentored cadets, including APS MCC Gateway 2 cadets, the option to also complete their Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training (AUPRT) with us. AUPRT is now mandatory under EASA guidelines and is requirement for any final assessment with Ryanair.”

The advantages of joining the AFTA Ryanair Mentored Programme:

  • One on one mentoring from a Ryanair pilot
  • Train using Ryanair Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • On successful completion of the programme cadet pilots are given preference during initial selection
  • Access to a fast track recruitment process and final screening
  • Guaranteed a final Ryanair assessment.

Atlantic Flight Training Academy

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