Aeros and Tayside form Flight Training Group

Aeros Flight Training

Aeros Flight Training and Tayside Aviation have formed a partnership to build a UK network of modular flight training schools. It will be called the Flight Training Group.

The Group will have more than ten sites in the UK with additional sites in Europe and the USA, 65-plus aircraft, 35 flight instructors, four approved simulators and three ATPL theory training centres.

Embedded within the training is a BSc Honours Degree in Professional Pilot Practice and the Structured Modular Programme Fastrack. The Group says that the Structured Modular programme integrates the modules into a seamless process with significant cost-savings.

Earlier this year, Aeros and Tayside introduced Flightlogger to help schedule and share resources to maximise aircraft use. For instance, the fleet of seven DA42 aircraft are positioned where and when they are needed. Instructors use iPad electronic flight bags to integrate student records.

Flight Training Group locations

The Flight Training Group will use foundation centres across the UK to feed students into the main ATO sites.

The ATOs are based at Dundee, Doncaster, Coventry, Gloucester and Cardiff. The foundation centres delivering initial training are at Fife, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and Jersey.

The Group includes CAT3C so there are three ATPL theory sites at Dundee, Doncaster and Gloucester.

An annual throughput of 500 airline pilots is forecast. The Group says it already has placement schemes with several airlines.

Tayside Aviation’s managing director Jim Watt said, “Both Aeros and Tayside are family-run businesses with quality and family values at the heart of what we do. We have for many years now shared a similar ethos and in these times of high demand it makes absolutely good sense to combine our forces.”

Aeros‘ managing director Nick Dunn added, “Over the last decade we have placed thousands of pilots with major airlines. This partnership now gives us the capacity to grow exponentially and capitalise on the worldwide demand for pilots whilst maintaining the highest standards of training.”