Women of Aviation Week – Lieutenant Hannah McCann RN

Lieutenant Hannah McCann RN is a military trainee pilot with the Fleet Air Aim.

“I’m looking forward to the full range of flying opportunities that military service has to offer. My ultimate goal is to become one of the first female Royal Navy F-35 pilots.”

Hannah’s passion for flying extends beyond work. Outside of the military, Hannah has a passion for vintage aviation and is pursuing her civilian licences to one day be able to fly warbirds; in particular the Harvard and the Spitfire. History is a key area of inspiration for her, citing Naval Aviators Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown (cited with flying more aircraft types than anyone else in history or Eileen Collins (pioneering shuttle pilot) as the pilots she would most like to fly with past or present.

Hannah also spends time encouraging others in their flying journeys; she is a STEM Ambassador and careers advisor for the British Women Pilots Association (BWPA). She hopes to help as many people as possible pursue their aviation dreams.

Her advice to anyone starting out in aviation or thinking of a career change is “Never give up!”