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West Atlantic Cadet UK sponsored scheme open for applications


The West Atlantic Cadet scheme is once again open for another intake of PPL holder cadets. The sponsored scheme is a long standing and highly-regarded pilot sponsorship/cadet programme. Cadet pilots are employed by West Atlantic and all live together in shared accommodation they cover many cadet duties whilst concurrently training for their ATPL ground studies, Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), Instrument Rating (IR) and finally type training.

The sponsorship scheme is funded fully up front by West Atlantic Airlines. Once type rated and employed as a West Atlantic First Officer, the pilot then pays back 50% of their training costs. It’s recommended to read what life is like as a Cadet Pilot on the West Atlantic Cadet Pilot Sponsorship Scheme.

Current Cadet Pilot, Nicky Yuill, explains, “As a cadet I have also had many opportunities to jump seat on various company aircraft which is a huge advantage for any cadet, the opportunity to see much of the theory I learnt throughout my ground school course being applied and to see the operation on the line is invaluable and I feel it has really helped to prepare me for life as a First Officer. You are learning from day one as an Atlantic cadet!”

Nicky adds, “The cadet scheme has given me some great experiences and by putting me in situations that have been unusual to me has built on a lot of my personal skill sets, given me a great knowledge of the airlines operation and a better understanding of the industry as a whole as well as allowing me to travel the world, meet some great people and work towards my ultimate goal of gaining my ATPL.”

Applications will only be accepted via email to Cadet Scheme AAL by 19th June 2015.

The Cadet Scheme is aimed at PPL holders who, if selected, are employed by West Atlantic and sponsored through their CPL/IR/MCC and type rating training. If you already hold a commercial licence you are not eligible for this scheme. If you wish to apply as a direct entry pilot, please check the West Atlantic website for recruitment information.

Find out more and apply here.