V1 Aero Group announces acquisitions, cadet funding and proposed new training academy

v1_pressrelease_december2014The V1 Aero Group, a global group of aviation companies, has announced acquisitions and future plans to further expand its ab initio pilot training.

In October, the Group acquired Space Coast Aviation FBO in Merritt Island, Florida. This was followed in December by the completion of the acquisition of Airborne Career Academy and Pan Am’s FXE assets in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Both the FBO and Airborne are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the V1 Aero Group and will continue operating and expanding the existing operations and flight training as part of the V1 brand.

Vincenzo Billisi, President of Airborne Career Academy, said, “We are delighted to be expanding the global V1 brand in Florida. This acquisition will accelerate our ab initio flight school growth and continue the development of Airborne into a recognised global flight training leader.”

Earlier in the year, the Group acquired Aerodynamics Career Academy in Malaga, Spain, an established training provider specialising in ab initio pilot training. The V1 Group now intends to expand their Malaga presence with the formation of a new training Academy which will see the construction of a brand new flight school, simulator centre, residential facilities, hangars and campus facilities.

The Group’s EASA course – the Pro-Pilot ATPL Programme – is currently delivered partly in Florida and completed in Spain. The aim is to bring all the training back to Europe. A spokesperson for the new academy said, “Construction for our new academy begins next year, and it is very exciting to see the plans taking shape. We envisage being in a position to deliver the complete EASA ATPL programme here at our facilities late 2015 or early 2016.”

The Group have just entered into an agreement with BBVA Bank in Spain to provide funding for cadets on the Pro-Pilot Programme – a welcome development for many aspiring pilots who wish to undergo a full time course of airline pilot training.