Ten Aviation Ambassadors announced by UK govt

One of the ten Aviation Ambassadors, 17-year-old glider pilot Jack Jenner-HallOne of the ten Aviation Ambassadors, 17-year-old glider pilot Jack Jenner-Hall

Ten Aviation Ambassadors have been announced by the Department for Transport for 2024/25 to ‘inspire and guide the next generation of aviators’.

They include a 17-year-old glider pilot, an Air Cadet commander, an engineer at Virgin Atlantic and a director of Nuncats, the electric aircraft project.

Over the next two years the ambassadors will serve as mentors and advocates, attending schools, mentoring events and workshops to showcase their experience and encourage young people to use their skills in aviation. As well as delivering their own bespoke outreach activities to underrepresented groups, the ambassadors will also offer advice on where pathways into aviation can be created or improved – making it easier for young people to join the sector.

Aviation Minister Anthony Browne said, “As the aviation industry evolves, these new Aviation Ambassadors will shine a light on this rewarding sector, attracting talented individuals who might otherwise miss their opportunity.

“These Ambassadors will help to attract even more innovation and creativity to the industry, showcasing the opportunities available in this exciting new era of new technology and decarbonisation.”

One of the new ambassadors is Alice Goodwin, a design and development engineer at Virgin Atlantic. Alice said, “Aviation engineering is a dynamic and interesting industry, full of passionate and inspiring individuals.  I am really looking forward to being an ambassador and having the platform to showcase the amazing opportunities available in our industry to young people.”

Click here for the full list of Aviation Ambassadors.

Another of the Aviation Ambassadors is Alex Durand who is a director of Nuncats, the Norfolk based electric aircraft project

Another of the Aviation Ambassadors is Alex Durand who is a director of Nuncats, the Norfolk based electric aircraft project

Reach for the Sky Challenge

To further inspire the next generation of aviation professionals, ten schemes at the forefront of inspiring and engaging young people have been awarded a share of £750,000 from the next round of the Government’s Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund.

The aim of the fund is to dismantle barriers and target schemes that serve as entry points for many, supporting individuals from underprivileged backgrounds or under-represented groups.

Winners of this round’s Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund include Flight Crowd, a not-for-profit organisation providing aviation bootcamps throughout the country to give hundreds of people opportunities to learn and connect with the industry, and London City Airport, that offers multiple STEM workshops and events on business mentoring and skills.

Mariya Tarabanovska, founder of Flight Crowd and also one of the ten Ambassadors, said, “We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our ‘Propel into Future Flight’ programme to new horizons, thanks to the generous support from the Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund for the second consecutive year.

“Empowering young minds with the skills and knowledge essential for shaping the future of Aviation remains at the core of our mission, and with this continued funding, we are excited to reach even more locations and diverse backgrounds.”

Reach for the Sky Challenge Fund Winners

University of Leeds £9,273
Delivering Aviation Careers events with a focus on areas with low university participation, located in and around Leeds University.

Education and Employers Taskforce £164,544
Using their digital portal to connect aviation professionals with schools to produce digital resources and deliver careers events. They have a UK wide reach.

Harlow College £99,800
Developing kitemarked curriculum for aviation careers and production of digital career pathways. Targeting using their existing college network.

Cambridge Science Centre (CSC) £70,000
Creation of hands-on aviation exhibits for their science centre, as well as portable versions to be brought to deprived regions. Based in Cambridge and Fenland.

Flight Crowd £63,000
Delivery of an aviation bootcamp centred around the future of flight and sustainability. They will conduct events in the South, North, and the Midlands regions.

Leicester Education Business Company £77,500
Offering a wide variety of events covering many aspects of aviation careers such as coding and engineering events. They target the East Midlands.

TEC Women CIC £75,000
Delivering a one-off festival/event targeting young women in aviation. Based in the Southwest.

The Air League Trust £55,000
Creating E-learning courses, delivering careers and skills workshops, and employability workshops during airline & airport experience days. They aim for a UK wide reach.

Big Ideas CIC £69,300
Matching up professionals with young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to produce informational videos/ interviews on their careers. They have a list of 10 target areas largely based in the Midlands

London City Airport (in partnership with East London Business Alliance) £66,500
Delivering STEM workshops, events on transferable skills, business mentoring and work experience opportunities. Targets specific London Boroughs.

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