Symbiotics launches new ADAPT Online Pilot Selection tool

Symbiotics Ltd has announced the launch of ADAPT Online Pilot Selection – a suite of assessment and selection tools for the aviation sector. ADAPT Online Pilot Selection has been developed by Symbiotics Ltd’s psychologists, pilots and training experts over many years and is fully accessible on demand from any location.

Nikki Heath, Founder and CEO of Symbiotics Ltd commented, “ADAPT Online Pilot Selection is a program of aviation specific tests to measure candidates’ competence, learning progress and any weaknesses or errors. Up to ten recognised Pilot Aptitude tests can be taken individually and concurrently, to measure performance under pressure and workload management, making it a platform for delivering volume assessments that measure IATA PAT competencies.”

The system features 64 proven aviation specific psychological profiles mapped to 64 specific aviation training organisation profiles that integrate for fitting individuals to roles, taking nationality and culture into account. According to the company, ADAPT Online Pilot Selection can be used by aviation organisations anywhere in the world with a wide range of contextual settings for different cultures, languages, specific air domains or environmental situations and can even be used to produce bespoke reports on specific analyses. Test styles are non discriminatory to gender, ethnicity, age or learning backgrounds.

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