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Susi Air qualifies for Mechtronix Cessna simulator

Indonesian carrier Susi Air recently received FNPT II qualification for their Ascent Flight Trainer from the aviation authorities of Indonesia, DGCA. The unit, closely replicating a Cessna C172S G1000 aircraft, is installed at the airlines’ brand new flight training facility in Pangandaran, Indonesia. It will be used for Instrument Rating (IR) training as part of their ab-initio curriculum.

The FSTD is part of a double order from Susi Air that will also be taking delivery of a Cessna Caravan FFT X from Mechtronix in the course of 2012. The leading Indonesian carrier will significantly improve its flight training capabilities by transferring courses from the actual aircraft to the simulator and reduce training costs by training their pilots at their base of operations.

The Ascent Flight Trainer, reflecting the newest ‘’S’’ version of the Cessna 172, integrates real Garmin 1044B GDU enabling the students to train for IR in a high fidelity environment. The unit features an RSI Image Generator providing exceptional FFS-like visual fidelity to its users.