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In these times, the one thing you need to ensure as an aspiring pilot, is that you get the absolute most for your money when embarking on your flight training journey. Why pay twice as much when you simply don’t need to. The message is clear, overprices all-in-one training with promises of airline placements has been shown to be a farce. The only sensible way to complete your training in the current climate is as affordably as possible whilst still getting the quality of training that is required to meet the airline standard. Pilots Paradise Academy offers this promise and more with our EASA, FAA and UK approved flight training in Florida. If you are not sure which licence authority will serve you best in the future turbulent market, then ask about our ‘3-in-1’ modular training where you will do one course and get 3 licences to cover all three authorities, even after Brexit. Our courses are structured and managed by our veteran leadership team with over 100 years combined flight training experience. Our training campus is in the sun of Florida with our hotel providing in-house accommodation and a pilot community experience that we are offering for FREE with courses booked by the end of the year.


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202 Airport Dr E, Sebastian, Florida, 32958
Terminal Building, Gloucester Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham GL51 6SR

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    Preparing for study overseas

    7th November / 11:55pm - 12:20pm

    Panel discussion

    Take Control of Your Training - ATO Management Panel

    6th November / 12:00pm - 12:45pm