Royal Aero Club announces 2013 Flying Bursaries

There are many scholarships and bursaries out there which can give recipients the opportunity to build their flying experience and kick start a pilot career. The Royal Aero Club Trust has announced its 2013 Bursary Scheme for young people.

In 2013, the bursaries will include The President’s Award (two bursaries each worth up to £750), a further bursary worth up to £1,000 (The Peter Cruddas Foundation Scholarship), the Breitling Bursary also worth up to £750, and the Bramson Bursary worth up to £500 as well as a number of additional bursaries worth up to £500 each to suitable candidates.

The scheme is divided into two categories of Bursaries:

— Flying Bursaries/Grants for those wishing to advance from one recognised level of air sport to the next higher level and wish to upgrade their existing qualifications;
— FlightSim Bursaries/Grants for Computer Flight Simulation enthusiasts wishing to gain practical experience of flying or an air sport.

The scheme and the bursaries comprise all types of air sports and aviation-related activities including: paragliding, gliding, hang-gliding, parachuting, microlight aircraft, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and the designing, building and flying model aeroplanes.

Applicants for these grants must hold British Citizenship and be permanently resident in UK and aged 16-21 years.

Find details on how to apply here.

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