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RAF opens recruitment for pilots and engineers

00k2_pilotRAF Pilots have an exciting and varied role. Depending on their skills and other factors, they fly fast-jets, transport aircraft or helicopters. Whichever the role, flying the aircraft is just part of their career.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Fast-jet pilots conduct air-to-air combat or ground attack missions
  • Multi-engine transport pilots fly military support and deliver humanitarian aid
  • Helicopter duties range from ferrying troops into combat, to search and rescue missions

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Engineer Officers are responsible for the optimum performance of all RAF technology, and specialise in either Aerosystems or Communications Electronics. These officers lead teams of skilled technical personnel while also managing significant material and budgetary resources.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Provide engineering maintenance to RAF aircraft, weapons and ground support equipment
  • Aerosystems Officers manage avionics and propulsion systems
  • Communications Electronics Officers maintain communications and information networks as well as air defence radar

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