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Prague to host European airline training conference

The European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) is returning to Prague in the Czech Republic from 8 – 9 November 2011.

EATS provides a uniquely European perspective on civil aviation training, yet attracts conference delegates, speakers, and exhibitors from around the globe. The overall theme of EATS 2011 is Integrating Simulation and Operational Evidence to Deliver Aviation Safety.

Personnel recruitment, selection, and F/O training issues will be centre stage at EATS 2011, including an actual experience with MPL. Further topics to be covered include loss of control in flight, problems with automation, crew selection and more. The topics will be presented within a framework of integrating the lessons learned and leveraging flight training to improve safety.

Rounding out the conference will be a simulation technology update – from desktop devices to full flight simulation, with an emphasis on technologies and techniques that are being introduced for new aircraft types.

For the full event program please go HERE