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pmFlight launches new A320 simulator

The high-fidelity, fully flyable simulator is a cost-effective training tool

pmFlight has announced the launch of its new Airbus A320 fixed based simulator, which is currently being used for sim prep assessment, LPC prep and command prep training. The simulator provides excellent value for money and is an ideal training platform.

The company’s remit is to bring low cost yet high level training to increase pilot capacity and many pilots who have trained on the devices have been gaining jobs with Ryan Air and Aer Lingus amongst others in the current challenging market conditions.

The high-fidelity, fully flyable device is a cost-effective training tool to complement the company’s p737NG simulator. Such is the technical level of the simulators that they have been recommended by line pilots, TRI’s/TRE’s for being virtually like full-flight/level D sims, just without the motion.