Pilot revealed as one of most respected professions

Main image © Kent Wien

New research carried out in August 2015 has revealed that the pilot profession is within the ten most respected professions.

The team at www.sunshine.co.uk conducted the research to discover more about peoples’ attitudes towards those working in the holiday and travel industry; to see how these opinions might differ when compared to those employed in different sectors. 2,177 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom had been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months, took part in the poll and answered questions about their opinions of different professions.

When asked which profession(s) they had the most respect for, the ten most popular answers were as follows: 

1.       Fire Fighter – 91%

2.       Paramedic – 88%

3.       Pilot – 84%

4.       Athlete – 72%

5.       Nurse – 69%

6.       Soldier – 65%

7.       Veterinarian – 54%

8.       Coastguard – 32%

9.       Surgeon – 30%

10.     Doctor – 29%

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said, “Peoples’ opinions on others can vary greatly, particularly when the focus is on different professions or occupations. One person’s view of the job that somebody does could be heavily influenced by personal experiences, whilst somebody else’s opinion couldn’t be more different.”