Pilot Careers Live Seminar FAQ

The seminars at Pilot Careers Live are one of the most valued aspects of the event. To help you understand more about them, we’ve put together this FAQ.

Read the full list of speakers for 9 April here.

What are the seminars at PCL?

Think of the seminars as the editorial content of a magazine. The subjects and presenters have been chosen to provide reliable information across a wide range of relevant subjects

What aren’t the seminars at PCL?

The seminars are not a sales pitch – they are designed to give you useful and valuable information with which to help you make decisions on your training. 

Where can I find the subjects and times?

Take a look at the event website HERE.

Are the times and subjects set in stone?

We wish! We’ve learnt through experience that things can change at the very last minute, so while we’re very confident that the schedule will run as given, we have to retain some flexibility.

What is the difference between the seminars in the Aurora Suite and those in the ‘New York’ room?

The seminars in the Aurora Suite include a ‘Question Time’ session with ATO leaders (with questions put forward in advance by attendees) and a series of airline talks. Those in ‘New York’ are more specialist topics such as opportunities in the world of helicopter flying and information on the Class 1 medical process

Q How can I submit a question for the ATO Question Time panel?

Just email your question by clicking this link: [email protected]. Unfortunately, we do not have time to take live questions during the Question Time session, but you can, of course, visit the ATO stands in the exhibition hall and ask any questions on stand.

Can everyone get in to see a seminar on the day?

Unfortunately, we have limited seating on the day. The only way to guarantee a place is to buy a Priority ticket. Once Priority ticket holders have taken their place, remaining seats can be filled by any ticket holders.

What happens if there’s no space left?

Most of the presenters will have a stand, and will also attend a meet-the-speaker session after the seminar, so you can talk to them there. We also make a video of every seminar that will be available for all ticket holders to watch after the show.

Where will the videos be hosted?

We will be hosting the videos on our website. Ticket holders will also receive an email with all of the links after the show, ensuring that you do not miss a thing.