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Phoenix East Aviation to integrate iPad use into flight training

Phoenix East Aviation, Inc., the FTO based in Daytona Beach, Florida, has initiated usage of the Apple iPad with aviation software as part of its pilot training programmes. The independent flight academy in the US has integrated portions of its ground school and flight training with iPad usage, as well as utilising the hardware as an electronic flight bag (E.F.B.), as many airlines also do. In cooperation with Jeppesen, Phoenix East is also using it for aeronautical navigation charts, flight log information and other flight plan information, as well as selected textbook training to augment ground school. At Phoenix East Aviation, the Apple iPad with Jeppesen software has been integrated into both the FAR Part 141 and FAR Part 61 training programs.

Ghassan Reslan, CEO of Phoenix East, commented on iPad integration, “The charts are easy to read, with high definition, and the documents are sharp. And since many airlines, including United, Alaska and Delta Airlines have started using iPads in the cockpit, Phoenix East Aviation students will now find this aspect of the transition from training to commercial aviation employment straightforward and uncomplicated. This is great advantage for pilots in training.” Reslan continued, “The equipment replaces much of the paper chart and computer flight planning. Phoenix East is proud to be one of the very first academies to offer this advantage.”