Training for the airlines

With predictions of a worldwide shortage of professional pilots, Ian Waller looks at the training options for potential airline pilots When Boeing speaks, the airline world generally listens. So when … Continued

B737 EFIS and NG Captains required in China

Rishworth Aviation is inviting applicants for B737 EFIS and NG Captains for both passenger and cargo operations based in Tianjin or Beijing, China. The duration of the contracts is two … Continued

Farnair seeking B1900 Captains

Farnair is recruiting B1900 Captains to be based in Dubai. Minimum requirement for Pilots holding JAA Licence include: Total time: 1,500 hours PIC on Type: 500 hours EL : level … Continued

Pilot training: Multi-crew co-operation

MCC training may come at the end of a student pilot’s training, but as Ian Waller shows, it remains a crucial part of the curriculum Two crashes, two quite different … Continued