New group pushes for colour vision changes

Colour vision testsColour vision problems affect 1 in 12 men and the ‘red-green’ condition is a common stumbling block for aspiring pilots around the world. Women are less affected – about 1 in 200.

A new non-profit, pan-European group set up by colour vision deficient (CVD) pilots has been established to spread knowledge and challenge the status quo.

The European Colour Deficient Aircrew Association (ECDAA) has been set up by Jordan Penning, UK and Simone De Marchi, Italy to support and advise aspiring and current pilots.

The group is also working together to push for change throughout EASA member nations and the UK in the hope that less restrictive testing methods similar to those adopted by New Zealand and Australia can be brought to this part of the world.

Jordan is a PPL holder with a degree in Air Transport Management and is studying a MSc in International Aviation Regulation and Law. He said, “After experiencing the ambiguity of EASA regulations surrounding colour vision requirements and testing methods, Simone and I decided to form a group to push for change.

“We now want to encourage CVD pilots at any stage of their private or professional careers to join us, get involved with the conversation and use our resources for their own benefit. We believe that together we can also drive policy decisions and nurture a more pragmatic approach to CVD testing.”

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