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New ‘airline’ package makes training more affordable

The cost of pilot training is always a key consideration, so whenever we hear about innovative, quality training programmes at competitive prices, here at Pilot Career News we are duty bound to let you know about them.

One such programme that is designed to make the modular pilot training route more affordable and more attractive to airlines has just been announced as collaboration between ProPilot and Aeros.

The new Airline Package offers students ATPL ground school, CPL, MEP and an IR on the brand new Tecnam, for the extremely competitive price of £20,107. It’s a comprehensive commercial training package carefully designed to be airline focused throughout.

The Airline Package starts with ProPilot’s groundbreaking distance learning ATPL course that has been designed from the ground up with the airlines in mind. Delivered on the iPad, which is increasingly used as an electronic flight bag by airlines, the course has been written by current airline pilots and highly experienced instructors and includes online progress tests, embedded videos and 3D animations. (Printed books are also available).

Aeros will then provide the flight training. They are one of the UK’s leading flight schools, have an enviable first time pass rate and ensure there are no more than two students to one dedicated instructor. Their main commercial training centres are in Coventry and Gloucester and they are the first commercial UK school to operate the new Tecnam aircraft, which provides a stable, modern and easy to fly IR platform.

Students will benefit from their links with airlines and, importantly, throughout the Airline Package course, students’ professional performance, soft skills and personal attributes will be developed and recorded (if the student wishes) in an externally audited reporting system specially created with major airlines.

At the end of the course the student will have one continuous, airline aligned, commercial training record to present to potential employers. This is something not previously available to modular students and will greatly enhance airline job applications.

For more information and terms and conditions, please contact Hilary@propilot.eu or 02476 511447. Or visit ProPilot or Aeros.