How much does it cost to attend the seminars?
A: Your ticket to the exhibition includes entry to the seminars.

Who is the exhibition aimed at?
A: Any person who is considering a career as a professional pilot.

Do I need to know anything about aviation to attend?
A: Absolutely not. This exhibition is designed specifically to help people who require information and are new to aviation. All the exhibitors will take as much time as you need to answer your questions.

What companies will be attending the exhibition?
A: Companies from across the professional flight training industry will be attending the exhibition.

Do I have to make an appointment to speak to the companies at the exhibition?
A: No. Our exhibitions are very popular so we recommend you get to the exhibition as early as possible and make the most of the day. All the exhibitors are listed on this website well in advance of the event to help you to plan your day and get the most out of it.

Is there a dress code?
A: We suggest smart casual. It’s not necessary to be formal.

Should I plan anything before attending?
A: Have a look at the exhibitor websites which are listed on this website before attending and prioritise the companies you want to meet. Prepare a list of key questions and allow yourself a full day at the exhibition.

Is there parking available at the hotel?
A: There is limited parking at the hotel.

Is there an age limit to attend?
A: No.

How long should I stay at the exhibition?
A: There is a lot of information to absorb which will help you decide on your career path. Our advice is set no limit and allow as much times as it takes to gather the information you need.

Can I buy tickets on the door?
A: Yes. However, if you buy tickets online you save money!