Want to be a professional pilot? Take the first step

Come along to one of the Pilot Careers Live events that we hold at various locations in the UK and across Europe. Our next events will be:

  • Pilot Careers Live Germany (Frankfurt)  23 September 2023
  • Pilot Careers Live Ireland (Dublin) 21 October 2023
  • Pilot Careers Live London 4 November 2023
Find out about career prospects
Discover education and learning options
Learn about training costs and fees
Find places to train and how it works
Understand the selection process

Meet the right people Leading professionals at every event

who you’ll meet

Approved Training Organisations from the UK and abroad

who you’ll meet

Professional pilots and and former students

who you’ll meet

Leading airlines

who you’ll meet

Military career advisors

who you’ll meet

Universities and colleges

Action packed Seminars, talks and networking opportunities

Essential seminars

From leading industry experts and professionals

At each Pilot Careers Live event, we have a programme of seminars. They are concise and highly relevant for anyone thinking about training as a professional pilot, covering subjects such as medical requirements, assessment tests, training routes, finding the finance, military careers, airline recruitment and, of course, what a pilot's job is really like!


Meet and network with training firms and airline recruiters

Pilot Careers Live events are a chance to meet face-to-face with Approved Training Organisations, airline recruiters, universities offering aviation courses, and pilots already in training or who have recently graduated.

Info to take away

Brochures and information from exhibitors

No need to make up your mind on the spot. Take away brochures from the training companies that catch your eye for later study. It's a big decision to take a pilot training course and you need to be sure you choose the right school for you.

“My visit to PCL gave me all I needed to help me decide how to become a pilot. I am really grateful to the team at PCL and the exhibitors for their time.” Visitor - London November 2022
“Yet again it was another successful day for rotary aviation and we are as grateful as ever for you putting on these events continuously.” Jack Edwards - Pilot Admissions, Helicentre Aviation
“First thing first I really want to thank everybody for being able to put this up all together in such a short period of time and being so well organized. It's really in events like this where you can have the bigger picture in front of you and then move towards taking your own decision. Again, really really well organized with fantastic speakers. Amazing job, well done. BRAVO! ” PCLV 2020 Participant
“Amazing! I dont think you could improve that much, I've been to the real life event and your online event felt similar!” PCLV 2020 Participant
“Everything was 10/10 in my opinion.” PCLV 2020 Participant

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