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Korean Air obtains Mechtronix B737-900 FF simulator certification

Mechtronix Systems Inc.has announced the successful qualification of the B737-900 FFT™ installed at Korean Air’s (KAL) flight training center in Seoul, South Korea.

Acquired to offload FFS requirements, the FFT™ will considerably lower training costs and optimize the airline’s training syllabus. The unit was qualified FAA FTD Level 5 following a thorough examination from the Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation (KMTC).

“We are very pleased with the successful qualification of Korean Air’s FFT™. The Mechtronix team received great results during the certification process and succeeded to meet the authorities’ and operator’s highest expectations.” says Mark Dransfield, Vice President Validation & Qualification. “It is a great honor and pride to count an international airline community leader such as KAL among our customers. Choosing the FFT™ represents the solution to best meet their training requirements in an optimal and cost-effective way; selected sessions traditionally carried out in a FFS will be transferred to the state-of-the-art training device.”

The B737-900 FFT™ is a type-specific aircraft cockpit featuring 100% of the aircraft systems. It supports systems integration and procedures training in normal, non-normal and emergency modes. Equipped with a User-friendly Windows based instructor operating station, the FFT™ allows the pilots to view and manipulate all panels, controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck.