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Kingfisher Airlines makes further changes to international operations

The beleaguered carrier has experienced turbulent times of late and has made a move to reduce losses further this week, making changes to its international wide body operations following financial and operational stress. The airline has announced the changes in a broad ranging media release and has simultaneously called on India to approve higher foreign direct investment levels for domestic airlines.

A statement from Kingfisher explained, “We are curtailing our wide body overseas operations that are bleeding heavily. To this end, we have already returned one Airbus A330-200 to a lessor in the UK. Positive and immediate action is being taken on all fronts to cut costs.”

As well as those changes, Kingfisher has also confirmed further reductions to their flight schedule and is still dealing with pilots over the issue of delayed salaries.

However, Kingfisher also said that, ‘despite the shortage of crew’ it operated 101 flights yesterday and will operate 101 flights today.

These changes follow Kingfisher’s suspension from three settlement systems of IATA last week, which affected that the airline’s ability to deal with global airlines and travel agents.