Job guaranteed with FlyBy’s new cadet programme

FlyBy Tecnam

FlyBY’s fleet of new trainer aircraft including a Tecnam P2006T for twin engine flying. Photos: FlyBy

European flight school FlyBy has launched a new cadet programme that guarantees cadets a one-year flight instructor job at the end of the 17-month training course.

Cadets, who require no prior aviation experience to join the course, will receive an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), an EASA Flight Instructor (FI) Rating and a fully paid Flight Instructor job at FlyBy for at least 12 months, which will add 600 hours of flight experience  upon completion of the programme.

The FlyBy Cadet Programme has been launched with the company predicting a strong aviation industry rebound over the next 12-24 months.
Despite the current industry slump, CAE figures predict that the global civil aviation industry will still require 27,000 new pilots from the end of 2021, and a further 264,000 over the coming decade.

FlyBy admits that another reason for launching the programme is to secure sufficient instructors to support the next stage of the flight school’s growth. The school has bought six new trainer aircraft and a new A320 simulator, as well as opened its second pilot training base, in the last 12 months alone, with plans to expand further over the next 24 months and beyond.

FlyBy’s course is based at Burgos International Airport in northern Spain. The course is divided into three phases: a 14-month ATPL Integrated course, a 3-month Flight Instructor course and a 12-month Flight Instructor job.

The course will take cadets through all aspects of pilot training, from theory and ground school to A320 simulator training, followed by flight instructor training.
Price of the all-inclusive course is €89,750. All training, accommodation, meals, exam and test fees, equipment, insurance and uniforms are fully included, with no other costs or hidden fees. Cadets from all nationalities are open to apply.

FlyBy Alex Alvarez

FLyBY CEO Alex Alvarez believes the pilot job market will pick up in 2021

Alex Alvarez, CEO of FlyBy, said, “Despite the difficulties of 2020, we have great confidence in the resurgence of the commercial aviation industry over the next few years.
“Through the FlyBy Cadet Programme, we want to find the brightest cadets and give them the best opportunity to secure excellent jobs in commercial aviation, at the most competitive price point available.

“We are the first flight school to offer a course of this kind, and in less than 18 months’ time cadets on the course will have not only the best skills as experienced and trained instructors, but a guaranteed job to further build up their industry experience.”

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