Icelandair goes for glacier theme

Hands up who knows what or where Vatnajökull is? OK, all you Icelandic people are not eligible… oops! that’s given it away. Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Europe, it’s in Iceland and now it’s also on the side of one of Icelandair’s aircraft, a Boeing 757-200.

The Vatnajökull airliner is decorated with a hand-painted image of the glacier and also includes a glacier themed interior. It’s part of Icelandair’s transatlantic fleet and Icelandair commissioned the Vatnajökull as part of celebrations for its 80th anniversary this year.


The process of airbrushing to create the image of the glacier is a highly skilled job that will take the team a total of 24 days to complete using 195 litres of paint. It takes 1,062 litres to cover the entire plane.

Inside, the Vatnajökull plane has LED blue lighting in the main cabin. The headrests have an ice white and brilliant turquoise design, and the drinks trolley is transformed into a mini ice-cave.

Birkir Hólm Guonason, Icelandair CEO said, “We can’t wait to share the Vatnajökull with our passengers. Icelandair believe that travelling is one of life’s great pleasures and a trip on this plane will ensure customers experience time well travelled, as they sit back and experience Iceland’s most extreme elements from the comfort of their own seats.”

Icelandair Vatnajökull