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Gapan Hong Kong chooses Scotland for PPL training

The Hong Kong flying students pictured with their Tayside trainer

In these times of having to compete globally for flight training it’s nice to hear that Hong Kong recognise the real value of training in the UK.

This is evidenced by the announcement that the Hong Kong branch of GAPAN (Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators) has again chosen to send their scholarship students to Scotland for the PPL training.

Chu Chung Ki (Bryan) and Tan Wing Lee (Winnie), pictured here with their instructor, Marjan Bledowski, completed their PPL in 6 weeks at Tayside Aviation in Dundee.

Managing Director Jim Watt said: “ The Hong Kong candidates  were excellent students and sailed through both the flight training and all the exams in minimum times. A tribute to their selection by GAPAN and their Instructor, Marjan who has been instructing for over 20 years with 12,000 instructional hours. He did a great job dedicating his time to help them achieve their goal”.