FTEJerez launches Airline First Officer Programme

FTEJerez has launched an Airline First Officer Programme, a programme which the organisations says is designed to not ‘merely prepare candidates for a first airline position, but rather to equip them to be future captains.’ According to FTEJerez, the newly-structured programme ‘goes much wider than the traditional ATPL programme.’ As of August 2012, all new enrolments for integrated pilot training at FTEJerez will only be for the FTE Jerez Airline First Officer Programme.

FTEJerez CEO Oscar Sordo said, “We have recognised the need to add detailed structure to our training process and package what we do in a more focussed manner.”

Captain Allan Dunne, former airline captain and FTEJerez Head of Training, commented, “Airline captains of tomorrow require a unique skill-set, which is a combination of excellent technical skills, good airmanship and managerial talent.” The new course will include Crew Resource Management (CRM, Assertiveness Training, Flight Deck Management and Threat and Error Management (TEM), and also will have a Career Development Service. The course will culminate in a Jet Orientation Course (JOC), introducing cadets to multi crew operations.

Contact info@ftejerez.com for more information and to apply.