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FlairJet set for new bases in Dublin and East Midlands

FlairJet has announced that it is to open two new bases at East Midlands and Dublin Airports, from where it will operate two Embraer Phenom 100 aircraft.

The new East Midlands location will enable the company to operate its Phenom 24/7, opening up great potential for freight and aero medical charters. Newly acquired Phenom 100 G-NUDD will be positioned there from the first week of September, complementing FlairJet’s Phenom 100 operations from its home base at Oxford. Meanwhile a second Phenom 100 will be positioned at Dublin, which has consistently been a popular destination for FlairJet clients travelling on business and for leisure breaks from the UK and mainland Europe.

The business aviation operator continues to work closely with Embraer assisting with new aircraft deliveries. In August it delivered a privately owned Phenom 300 to Zurich and a 100 to Odessa in Russia.  Meanwhile, the company is progressing with its plans to establish a centre of training excellence on the aircraft type to carry out base and line training for Phenom pilots. Its third party training department is currently staffed by three Phenom 100 and two 300 examiners.

The business aviation operator, now close to marking its second anniversary, has had a good start with its Phenom 300 working out of Cannes. It will return to the UK in the autumn and will participate at both MIU Events’ Business Aviation Europe event at Biggin Hill Airport during 14th-15th September.

Backed by three London based QCs, FlairJet pioneered Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 operations in Europe, obtaining its UK AOC and commencing revenue charter flights in December 2009 with an two initial Embraer Phenom 100s.

FlairJet’s growth in business is reflected in the increase of personnel, which now number 20, up from eight in December 2009. Working closely with leading aircraft brokers, FlairJet has become an established name in the light jet charter market. In May, FlairJet expanded its AOC coverage to larger geographical area to embrace the Middle East, Africa, the Caucuses and Russia.

For more information see the FlairJet website.