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For many aspiring pilots, funding the training is a major barrier to be overcome on the road to their dream job.

But did you know that, as well as offering large financial contributions for university and further education programmes, CSN, providers of student aid in Sweden, also offers loans and financial aid for Swedish people pursuing pilot training? Classed under offerings for ‘Other post-secondary education’, the loan provider says the current list is ‘constantly updated’ and can be found in the appendix of the Study Support Ordinance (only available in Swedish).

As for what that means for foreign students, according to CSN you are normally only entitled to financial aid for studies if you have moved to Sweden for another reason than to study.

If you’re a Swedish citizen applying for pilot training at one of CSN’s approved schools*, you are eligible for both a loan and financial contributions from the government. There is a maximum age limit of 56, and from 47 years of age, there are some limitations. However, there are no lower limitations in age, even though the youngest current student with aid from CSN is 19.

When it comes to international flight schools there’s also the possibility for Swedish people to get aid from CSN, but then it’s decided on a case-by-case basis. However, a CSN representative explained to Pilot Career News that if one of the larger and more well-known flight schools, a loan will likely be approved. For cadets training at international schools, students can also apply for extra loans for travels, insurance etc.

All this is good news for aspiring pilots visiting Pilot Careers Live Stockholm on 18 June 2016. Tickets are available now for the event on Saturday 18 June 2016, which brings together Approved Training Organisations (including many of those eligible for financial aid), along with airlines, Universities, pilot associations and more, along with free presentations throughout the day. Advance tickets will be cheaper than on-the-day price, so buy now to save money, tickets starting from SEK 50.

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*A list of the approved flight educations in Sweden by CSN (Swedish student aid).

Scandinavian Aviation Academy

Svensk Pilotutbildning SPU

Prokitor Flighter Training AB

Airways Flygutbilding

Nordic Flight Training, Sturup

Entry Point North, Sturup

Flygteoriskolan, Stockholm

Trafikflygarhögskolan, Lund Universitet