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FAA: “Pilot photos OK by us, providing the proper equipment is used”

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© Instagram

In a widely-cited story on Quartz the question was raised of whether airline pilots who post aerial photos online are violating FAA rules against using “personal wireless devices” in the cockpit.

However, the FAA has spoken to aviation news site, AVweb, and explained that picture-taking is permitted by them – as long as pilots use the proper equipment. “A pilot at the controls is permitted to take a picture with a non-wireless camera and not be in violation of this regulation,” the FAA wrote in an email to AVweb. “However, a pilot at the controls is not permitted to take a picture with a cell phone.” Tablets and personal computers also are not permitted, and no photos of any kind are allowed during aircraft operations when the “sterile cockpit rule” is in effect, typically below 10,000 feet.

In the original post, Quartz explained it had taken it upon itself to explore the rise of the cockpit selfie, as well as pictures which appear to be taken during landing and take-off, explaining, ‘To gauge the extent of violations, Quartz has monitored hundreds of Instagram accounts over six months and collected a trove of photos and videos taken by people clearly sitting in the pilot or co-pilot seat on commercial flights. Many images appear to have been captured during critical phases of flight, like take-off and landing.’ Read the original post here.

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