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ESMA signs deal with world’s largest aeronautic school

The CAFUC delegation signs the deal with ESMA in Montpellier

Following a landmark meeting in Montpellier last week, France, ESMA Aviation Academy has signed a new agreement with the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC), the world’s largest aeronautic school.

ESMA hosted a visit from the senior management from CAFUC, led by their Vice President, Mr Buke Chen. Following the 5-year agreement signed in 2009 for 100 pilots per year for 5 years, a new major contract has been signed focusing on the training of CAFUC students. This will include a comprehensive and customised 8-week programme from flight attendants and a 78-week course for maintenace technicians studying for the recognized Licence Part B1.1.

Jean-Philippe Renaud, CEO of ESMA Aviation Academy, said: “It’s an honour to have the world’s biggest aviation academy as strategic partner. Together, CAFUC and ESMA Aviation Academy share the same training philosophy and have the same targets to make the training of CAFUC’s students an unforgettable experience.”

“We aim at providing them the Best of the Aviation Training and an unmatched quality of life in South of France and in Paris. These two new cooperation areas confirm the continuing trust and the solid relationships linking CAFUC and ESMA Aviation Academy for the long term.”

Meanwhile Mr Chen said: “It’s always a pleasure to come at ESMA Montpellier and to enjoy their hospitality and witness the quality of training provided by ESMA. This new contract comes naturally after a successful partnership on pilot training for two years. We have no hesitation to maintain our trust in ESMA Aviation Academy for these new training sessions and look forward to a further fruitful collaboration in the future”.

The training sessions will start by 2012. For more information, please visit the ESMA website.