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ESMA Aviation Academy welcomes Saudi delegation

The Saudi Arabian delegation gets a flying visit of ESMA's Paris Aviation Academy

France’s ESMA Aviation Academy had the honour last week of receiving an important delegation representing the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry and Directorate-General of Civil Defense.

ESMA’s two sites at Montpellier and Paris Val d’Europe welcomed major figures from the largest country in the Arabian Peninsular. Key figures in the delegation were General M. Al Harbi, Director-General of helicopter bases, and Colonel R. Al Aseeti, Programmes and Training Director.

The visit was a result of the purchase of numerous helicopters by Saudi Arabia and the related training needs for 250 pilots and 350 maintenance technicians. ESMA has been short-listed alongside Italian and British training centres to provide this training, which will be awarded on an eight-year contract beginning in 2012.

ESMA Aviation Academy occupies a unique position in training for four main aviation roles: Airline & Helicopter Pilot (in partnership with Azur Helicoptère), Air Hostess/Steward, Maintenance Engineer and airport roles.

A strategic partner of Airbus, ATR and EADS, ESMA also diversifies its expertise through carrying out consulting assignments internationally which has allowed it to create two subsidiaries in Vietnam and China.

The school consists of 140 employees across its two main sites in Montpellier and Paris where more than 2,500 courses are delivered annually by more than 100 highly-qualified instructors.

ESMA operates a fleet of latest-generation aircraft and flight simulators and expects to carry out more than 30,000 flying hours in 2011. For more information visit www.esma.fr.