Diamond adds MCC to DA42-VI flight sim

Diamond DA42 simulator

A Convertible DA40/42 MCC FNPT II simulator in use by AirHub Aviation (Photo: AirHub Aviation)

Diamond Aircraft has developed an add-on for Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training for its DA42-VI flight simulator.

The EASA-approved Diamond FNPT II-MCC is designed both for basic and advanced instrument, navigation and procedural training. It’s also suited for instruction, check flights, screening purposes and skill proficiency tests.

There’s also Diamond’s Convertible DA40/42 MCC FNPT II simulator which provides training on just one device  for the DA40 single as well as the DA42 twin.

Christian Schmid of Diamond Aircraft Austria said, “We are proud to offer another important milestone with this MCC option in order to complement our training portfolio with an all-in-one 21st century solution. This additional application in just one device is a huge advantage for our customers.”

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