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CTC launches CTC Private Jet

CTC CEO Rob Clarke

CTC Aviation is expanding its service for private jet owners. Research has indicated the number of medium and large sized business aircraft delivered to the UK during 2007 – 2011 was 70% higher than the period 2002 – 2006. CTC believes this growth is very much driven by an increasing number of ultra-high net worth individuals living and working in the UK, and estimates that Russian and US citizens alone, for example, spent over £1.3bn on prime property in London last year.

The company estimates that there are now around 295 medium to large sized business jets in the country and collectively they are worth around £4bn. Its research also revealed that last year there were some 392 daily business flights in the UK – 5% higher than in 2009.

Given the growth in the private jet market, CTC Aviation is launching CTC PRIVATE JET, a service for operating and managing private jets.

Steve Billett, Managing Director, CTC PRIVATE JET, said, “The UK – and London in particular – continues to attract some of the wealthiest and most successful ultra-high net worth individuals in the world, and many of these people and their organisations have purchased, or are considering investing in their own aircraft. We have been successfully running a fleet of 4 jets for a private client since 2007 and feel the experience we have from this, plus that of annually working with over 50 global airlines, means that we are well-equipped to expand into the growing private jet market.”

To find out more about this service, visit ctcprivatejet.com