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Canadian air force looks to poach pilots from the RAF

According to a recent report from the Ottawa Citizen, Canada’s air force is turning its attention to Britain and is looking to hire out-of-work military aviators from the UK. One has been hired so far, with another 20 to 25 skilled pilots and eight other personnel to be enrolled in the Canadian Forces sometime this year.

Britain is undertaking significant reductions to its defence budget and the Royal Air Force expects to cut 5,000 personnel over the next five years. Among those will be 170 pilots who are in various stages of training.

Last year it was revealed that the Canadian air force was not training enough pilots to meet its needs while at the same time it faced a wave of retirements as well as the recruiting of skilled staff by commercial airlines.

It is hoped that the initiative to recruit former RAF personnel will help stem personnel shortages and mitigate our experience gap.

It is unclear at this stage how many ex-RAF pilots the Canadian Air Force eventually hopes to hire.

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