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CAE and APS to provide upset prevention and recovery training to CAE OAA cadets

CAE and Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) are to provide academic and in-flight Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) to flight instructors and student cadets attending CAE Oxford Aviation Academy flight school programmes. Student pilots will receive Basic UPRT training with options for an upgrade programme. Instructors will go through a Professional Pilot UPRT programme.

The UPRT program is designed to teach pilots how to recognise, avoid and effectively recover from stalls, aeroplane upsets and a range of other unusual attitude situations, as well as enhance overall manual flying skills to improve safety of flight.

“APS all-attitude, all-envelope upset training exposes pilots to ‘edge of the envelope’ situations which are not part of typical commercial or business aircraft training programs,” said Paul BJ Ransbury, President of APS. “Pilots of all skill levels can be taught how to recognise, assess, avoid and, if necessary, recover from escalating flight conditions that could lead to loss of control in-flight.”

Jeff Roberts, CAE’s Group President, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services, explained how the programme aims to help graduates. “Graduates will not only understand the theoretical concepts of stalls and loss of control, they will develop confidence through the practical experience of recovering their aircraft safely.”

Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is defined as flight that occurs outside of the normal flight envelope with an inability of the pilot to control the aircraft. LOC-I is the number one cause of fatalities in commercial aviation.

Beginning in 2013, upset training will be provided in APS’ school at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to more than 200 cadets and instructors annually. CAE and APS plan to offer the UPRT program to cadets and instructors at other CAE Oxford Aviation Academy ab initio flight schools worldwide, including Europe this year and other Academy locations based on market conditions.