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Cabair pilot training for the iPad generation

Use of the iPad in pilot training is becoming an industry standard

Cutting edge technology continues to drive innovation in pilot training and now a leading centre is set to use the iPad on its courses.

Cabair International Aviation has chosen the revolutionary Padpilot learning system for its integrated ATPL courses starting from this July. Every new student will receive an iPad 2, which is then theirs to keep.

“We are delighted that the Integrated students and staff at our Cranfield Training Centre are to receive the benefits of this new learning system using the iPad,” a spokeman tells us.

“For Cabair, this is the first in a series of major enhancements we are adding to our flagship Integrated Programme, and one of the most exciting, since the iPad is fast proving to be a revolutionary learning platform. It is already established in many airlines as the operational tool of choice for the future.”

The Padpilot learning platform is a unique way of studying the most up-to-date ATPL material. Graham Cownie, ProPilot’s Head of Training, explains:

“Padpilot has been written and produced from the ground up as an exceptional set of airline related manuals and complete operational system, all based on the iPad. It contains interactive progress tests, video teaching sequences, 3D models which rotate at the touch of a finger and extensive animations of aircraft, and even human physiology, all add to the rich learning environment. The training benefits continue into flying with the iPad presenting all aeroplane type and phases manuals, as well as containing all company operational paperwork”.

According to Cabair’s ground training team, the technology offers a perfect form of interactivity to complement the students’ growing knowledge.

’We are training the commanders and training captains of the future, it is essential that their ground training embeds core knowledge on which they can build as their career progresses”, says Jacqui Suren, Chief Ground Instructors at ProPilot and Cabair.

For further information on Cabair’s Integrated Programme visit www.cabair.com.

For more information about ProPilot, please contact CGI Jacqui Suren on 02476 511447 or Jacqui@propilot.eu.