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Bristol Groundschool announces third round ATPL scholarship winners

BGS ATPLBristol Groundschool has announced the winners of the third and final round of the Bristol Groundschool ATPL Scholarship Programme

Congratulations to:

  • Anna Livesley
  • Carina Louise Smith
  • James Carter
  • Matthew Farrow
  • Oliver Barker
  • Paul Gattrell
  • Tommaso Cruciano
  • Zara Dinnacombe

With several of the shortlisted candidates earning an equally high number of votes from the judging panel, Bristol Groundschool saw a tie in this round that resulted in 8 winners for the 7 scholarships available, and so we made the decision today to award an extra scholarship for this final round.

Louise Wayham, Marketing Manager at Bristol Groundschool commented, “A very special mention for Anna Livesley, who was voted for by ALL 9 judges on the panel – well done, Anna. Well done to all of you.”

She added, “A very special thank you to the members of our judging panel, which included Bruce Dickinson, Carol Vorderman, Dr Eleanor Ivory (CAA Medical Examiner), Capt Martin Mahoney (Emirates), Lee Mears, Dorothy Saul-Pooley, Graham Stokes (Virgin Atlantic), Ian Seager (Pilot Career News) and Andreas Rosboch.

“Warmest thanks to you all for your support and participation throughout what has been an extraordinary and very exciting year for Bristol Groundschool. Please join us in congratulating the winners and encouraging those who were not successful in this round to continue pursuing their dream.”