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Bristol Ground School announces new course structure for fixed-wing pilots

bgs_sidebar_img_4Bristol Groundschool has announced a new course structure for its fixed-wing pilots, following feedback from students who are combining study with full-time work.

Alex Whittingham, Managing Director and Head of Training at Bristol Groundschool said, “We’ve been running our present course structure for 21 years and are cautious about changing a winning formula. It is clear though that there is no structure that will be ideal for all students, so we are making a change which increases flexibility and distributes the workload better. The idea is to have a core course which serves the purpose of reducing the length of time students need to take off work to complete the brush-up courses and sit the exams, as well as providing additional and targeted classroom based tuition for those who feel they would benefit from more help.”

The change involves switching from a two-module to a three-module arrangement, and reducing the length of the mandatory brush-up courses from 2 x 2 weeks to 3 x 1 weeks as well as introducing optional ‘Accelerator Weekends’.

Whittingham added, “The Accelerator Weekends are key to this change. Whereas the brush-up courses have always concentrated on exam preparation, with little time for tuition, the Accelerator Weekends are designed to help students who need additional support with understanding of the course material. They will concentrate on the more challenging subjects and are designed for students to attend mid-way through, rather than at the end of their studies. We will make the first six days (three weekends) available to our students free of charge.”

Bristol Groundschool hopes that the effect of these changes will be that a more confident student can compete the course with less time off work, whereas those who want it are able to get more face-to-face time with instructors.

According to the school, the reaction from students has been overwhelmingly positive.