BALPA Observes Improving Job Market

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) will be sharing its updated insights with aviators at Flight Crew Futures on 10th October, observing emerging opportunities in the post-COVID aviation market.

Targeted at active pilots, the event acts as a platform for the aviation industry’s recruitment phase. BALPA has noted a surge in external recruitments, predominantly for seasoned aviators. Interestingly, many airlines are now looking to bring back pilots they had previously laid off during the pandemic’s economic downturn.

In a bid to provide clarity and guidance, BALPA will present its evaluation of the current market trends. Furthermore, pilots attending the event will receive access to a trove of customised career advice and resources exclusive to BALPA members.

The primary objective of the Flight Crew Futures event is to bridge the gap between airlines and recruitment agencies and pilots. The emphasis is on type-rated flight crew roles to fill both right and left pilot seats.

Attendees can expect a series of enlightening presentations throughout the event. Recruiters will be offering a detailed look into their present flight crew requirements, including information on salary packages and terms of employment. Prominent airlines, including BA, TUI, and easyJet, are among the participants.

Commenting on BALPA’s participation, Wendy Pursey, BALPA’s Head of Career Services, remarked, “We’re thrilled to participate in the Flight Crew Futures event, bringing a message of renewed hope in the market – a sentiment we’ve not felt since the onset of COVID-19. The journey is still in its infancy, and with numerous experienced pilots in search of roles, the competition remains intense. However, BALPA is equipped with a suite of tailored advice and resources to assist pilots at every juncture of their profession. We eagerly await the interaction at the event.”