Ayla Aviation chooses Padpilot for pilot training

Ayla Aviation Academy have announced a five-year agreement with Padpilot to use their iPad ATPL course for the JAR-FCL ground school elements of their pilot training, beginning on 26th December 2011.

They will be the first FTO in the Middle East to use this state of the art learning system, in line with their mission to provide safe, advanced, innovative flight training and education.

CEO, Marwan Atalla, explains, “Ayla has always been at the forefront of technology with the use of the glass cockpit, modern simulators, as well as training techniques, and this will enable us to maintain that edge”.

Padpilot’s Managing Director, Graham Cownie, explains why this technology is perfectly suited to educating the pilots of the future, “The iPad’s incredible ability to layer different information in portrait and landscape modes, and to seamlessly blend multimedia and text on one ‘page’ has given us a unique opportunity to present ATPL knowledge in ways that were never before possible. The benefits to students are huge.”

The Padpilot ATPL course is an industry first. The course material, written by pilots and applied to the aviation industry today, enhanced with stunning graphics and video animations, aids student’s understanding and knowledge retention, and prepares them for their future career. The Instructor’s iPad also contains lesson slides which stream direct to the classroom projector, complementing the student’s iPad manuals during classroom sessions.

Ayla’s Head of Training, David Boles, added, “Today we see electronic tablets being used in the flight decks of major airlines. This state of the art teaching system not only makes studying more dynamic and effective, the iPad is also the future on the flight deck itself. ”