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AirlinePrep and The Aviation Skills Partnership join forces

10552488_497324677079496_3057799307977624335_nAirlinePrep has created a pathway programme towards a career as a professional pilot, developed using the Aviation Skills Partnership’s Aviator Pathway. By providing three separate modules, AirlinePrep offers prospective pilots opportunities to learn about, and acquire some of the valuable skills required to become a modern professional pilot. The three modules to be delivered are as follows:

• Insights – delivered in schools at the beginning of the journey. A structured information session which outlines the options that are available to people who wish to become an airline or helicopter pilot, and provides structured advice about how to start developing those all important non-technical skills;

• Employability – delivered to 17 and 18 year olds. This course is designed to test a number of the skills required to become a professional pilot, and replicates many of the areas of pilot selection processes. Students who do not quite possess the skill set required are given advice and assistance about where they need to develop their skills further;

• Pre-selection – delivered to students shortly before they are due to attend an airline or flight school selection event, so that they can practise and perform a series of modules ensuring they are fully ready and prepared to be successful at selection.

Further information is available at www.airlineprep.co.uk