Air League announces winner of Bristol Groundschool ATPL scholarship

Bristol Groundschool Cherry ChartersThe Air League has announced the winner of the Bristol Groundschool 2016 ATPL Scholarship, provided by the European EASA distance learning fixed-wing and helicopter specialist. All Air League members were invited to apply.

This year’s winner Cherry Charters said,  “When I received an email from the Air League saying that I was the lucky person to be chosen for the Bristol Groundschool ATPL course scholarship, I was so shocked I burst into tears of happiness! Today a satisfyingly heavy box arrived in the post full of Bristol Groundschool course material, and I can’t wait to get started on my studies and the next chapter of my life towards a career as a commercial pilot!

“I only achieved my PPL a month ago so this feels like a dream come true to suddenly be nudged on the right track by Bristol Groundschool, an incredibly reputable aviation training school and to be helped in this way! Thank you so much Bristol Groundschool and The Air League for this rare opportunity!”

Alex Whittingham, Founder and Head of Training of Bristol Groundschool, explained, “We are delighted to have donated this scholarship to the Air League whose purpose is to encourage young people’s interest in UK aviation and aerospace by helping them to get involved.

“In her application Cherry said that her dream since being a very young girl was to become a commercial airline pilot. She worked to save the money for her PPL and studied hard to achieve mostly 100% passes in her exams. We look forward to her continuing success in her training and supporting her throughout her course.”

Air League chief executive Andrew Brookes thanked Bristol Groundschool for the generosity of their ATPL scholarship. “There will be a considerable shortage of skilled airline pilots in the coming years, and between us we must do all we can to encourage young men and young women from all backgrounds to experience the excitement and challenge of aviation. Long may we continue in partnership with Bristol Groundschool to ensure that the brightest and best fill our flight decks in the years to come.”

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